InnoDB is a MySQL storage engine, which has been gaining in popularity in recent years, as it offers a much better overall performance and an improved database failure recovery compared to the default engine that’s used by the MySQL relational database management system – MyISAM. InnoDB is preferred by numerous web developers that run scalable software applications, since it works much more effectively with immense amounts of data, while it keeps the server processing load at a minimum. Furthermore, it uses row-level locking in case any info should be updated, while lots of other engines lock the entire database table and therefore need much more time to execute multiple sequential tasks. Last, but not least, InnoDB observes the "all-or-nothing" rule – in case the modification of the entire data cannot be completed successfully for whatever reason, the action is rolled back to avoid confusion or losing data. Magento and the newest editions of Joomla are two instances of popular open-source script-powered apps which have switched to InnoDB.

InnoDB in Cloud Web Hosting

You can install any open-source script-driven software app that needs InnoDB in case you’ve got a cloud web hosting with us, as the database engine is available on our advanced cloud hosting platform by default. During the app installation – manual or automatic, InnoDB will be selected as the default engine and the setup process will proceed impeccably if this engine is needed. You can run applications which require the MyISAM engine without encountering any problem as well and, once again, the engine will be selected automatically, so you will not have to change anything manually at any point. On top of that, we will also generate regular backups of all the MySQL databases that you’ve got in your shared account, so if you erase or overwrite something, we can quickly get it back to the way it was on any of the previous seven days.