ModSecurity is a highly effective firewall for Apache web servers that's employed to stop attacks towards web apps. It keeps track of the HTTP traffic to a given site in real time and blocks any intrusion attempts the instant it detects them. The firewall uses a set of rules to accomplish that - as an example, trying to log in to a script admin area unsuccessfully many times sets off one rule, sending a request to execute a specific file which could result in accessing the site triggers another rule, etc. ModSecurity is amongst the best firewalls around and it'll secure even scripts which aren't updated regularly since it can prevent attackers from employing known exploits and security holes. Very detailed information about each and every intrusion attempt is recorded and the logs the firewall keeps are considerably more comprehensive than the standard logs created by the Apache server, so you could later take a look at them and decide if you need to take additional measures in order to enhance the safety of your script-driven sites.

ModSecurity in Cloud Web Hosting

ModSecurity is available with every cloud web hosting plan that we offer and it's activated by default for any domain or subdomain that you include through your Hepsia Control Panel. If it disrupts any of your programs or you would like to disable it for some reason, you shall be able to do this through the ModSecurity area of Hepsia with only a mouse click. You could also activate a passive mode, so the firewall will recognize possible attacks and keep a log, but shall not take any action. You'll be able to view extensive logs in the exact same section, including the IP where the attack came from, exactly what the attacker attempted to do and at what time, what ModSecurity did, etcetera. For max security of our customers we use a collection of commercial firewall rules mixed with custom ones which are added by our system admins.